Imagine... that you can change the future

We all have dreams don’t we? We had them for sure when we were a child and didn’t have to worry about anything. We had big dreams, I sure did 😉

And yes, I kept on dreaming. And I am very proud of it. I never would have taken the path I did. I wouldn’t have had the experiences I had. And I certainly wouldn’t have the fun I have in my job today!

You only wants wat is best for your child. With an experience for over ten years as an interior architect and furthermore several years as visual merchandiser, set designer, color consultant and interior stylist, I dare to claim that I’m the expert who can and will make the difference for your child.  

Let me show you what my dream could mean for you.

You’ll be the best parent ever ever ever. Seriously! Your child will never forget the dream you realised for them, the memory you created!

Your child will build the self confidence it deserves en will evolve to the most authentic person. It’ll dare to dream, to imagine and learn to be creative with all the talents it has. You give your child the tools to step into its future full of confidence. 

My favorite quote:

“ Logic brings you from A to B. Imaginations brings you everywhere”  from Albert Einstein

In my own authentic way, full of passion and commitment, I go to work to make the dream come true.

Through the whole projects, my expertise ensures “there-is-no-box” sollutions to realize the unique dream room. And since we have our focus on the future of our children we do this with respect for Mother Nature. 

I push myself to the limit for the wonder, the smile of your biggest treasure, the moment the door of the room opens and the journey begins…


Yeah, and now who is Vicky?

Oh yeah.

Well I am a dreamer. A Jack-off-all-trades! Wild about beautiful theater decors. I adore I long walk in the beauty of nature with our dog Thiska and enjoy our cats Spy and Tuur carelessly purring. 

Lifelong learning is my ambition and yes… It really does matter to me how we shape the world, how we treat each other. It matters to me how and what I contribute.

Oh and … I am a rebel, I ‘m not like anybody else, and don’t doe what everybody does. No I’m just me!

A stickler with a heart of gold.

My greatest dream is to make the world a better place!

I start with a more beautiful world for my husband, my sons and my husbands’ sons, my godchildren and there is more place for you!

So stop hesitating, put dreaming into daring, book your appointment and we realize the dream together!